The Sunbeam Car Club of New Zealand has TWO PARTS DIVISIONS.



We have a special headquarters for our secondhand spares division. The uninitiated who venture upon it may ignorantly say such things as, “ah – where Sunbeams go to die!” NOT SO! What they couldn’t hope to know, is that this particular area is very much appreciated by club members, and as such is super efficiently run and often a regular hive of activity. We like to keep it that way – it works for us!

Regular working bees are arranged by Club Members in various branches, who travel to this place in order to help sort and deal with the parts (and sometimes cars) that often arrive there from some amazing sources in order that they may be reused in the Sunbeam Arena. The Working Bees are eagerly anticipated by Club Members who participate, and a great time is had by all!

We have a very enthusiastic club member who is the Overseer for this venture. He also has an extremely busy work schedule. For this reason and also to maintain privacy, details are not publicly available. They are however, automatically made available to CLUB MEMBERS.



The aim is to supply new parts to members at a reasonable cost, thereby assisting them in keeping their cars on the road in concours condition. Hopefully this will also help to ensure the preservation of the cars for use by future generations.

We import reproduced new parts, mostly from the USA and manufactured mainly for Alpines and Tigers. Some parts also fit Rapiers.

We manufacture badging in New Zealand; this is only an economic venture as the USA dealers can market worldwide, and we supply them with our badging.

NEW PARTS CONTROLLER: Brian Atkins Contact Details:04 5627424 (Please remember to ring at a reasonable time of day.)


(1)  Payment.

Customers are expected to pay upon receipt of invoice and ordered items which are both sent together, but not later than the 20th day of the month following the issue date of the invoice.  Payment to be made to Sunbeam Spares Club invoice issuer. Payment to be made in full which will include postage costs, unless otherwise negotiated with the Spares Coordinator.

(2) Delivery.

Items ordered will be posted or couriered to customers as soon as practically possible to the address given. Items will be forwarded within three days when that item is available in stock to Sunbeam Club Spares.

(3) Ownership.

Items will be property of Sunbeam Club Spares until full payment for items is made. A receipt will be issued and sent to customers upon their request.

(4) Return of goods.

In the case of returned goods Sunbeam Club Spares may at its discretion give credit or replace these goods if the following conditions are met.

(A) Items returned are in good order and in the condition as sent to customer.

(B) Such goods are returned within 14 days of the issue date of the invoice, unless otherwise negotiated with the Spares Coordinator.

(5) Conditions in Law.

All transactions of sale of otherwise by Sunbeam Club Spares will abide by the conditions in law of Sale of Goods Act 1908, Fair Trading Act 1986 and Consumers Guarantees Act 1993.

Email NEW PARTS department: